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1. Product introduction:
It adopts international advanced hydraulic system components, hydraulic transmission system, dual-pump dual-circuit total power regulation negative flow control system, high-torque walking mechanism and unique buffer structure design to ensure high efficiency, low noise, energy saving and environmental protection, and comfortable operation. The overall straight arm, gooseneck stick and extension arm structure are designed to work at higher distances and higher heights. The enhanced walking frame greatly improves the durability of the traveling frame and meets the needs of heavy-duty operations and harsh environments. The lift-safe cab is designed with explosion-proof valves for spaciousness, comfort and safety.
The working device can be customized according to the needs of the user (electric suction cup, shell bucket, lifting hook, log grab, etc.).
2. Main technical parameters:
Machine working quality: 42000kg
Engine rated power: 186kW
Grab capacity: 3m3
Grab maximum closing force: 95kN
Maximum grab radius: 10888mm
3. Suitable for working conditions:
Material grabbing or transshipment of coal mines, mines, stockyards, steel mills, ports, terminals, etc.
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