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      Established in May 2011, HEKING (Stock Code 830856) is, in the medium and small-sized enterprise share transfer system, the first listed company focusing on wetland ecological restoration and providing intelligent integrated solutions and is also one of a few of domestic enterprises holding core technology of wetland ecological restoration. With core business of integrated wetland ecological restoration and relying on experts think-tank team and those institutions of higher education like Tsinghua University, HEKING has ensured continuity and leading position of the core technology. HEKING business covers two major areas, namely, water ecological restoration and soil ecological restoration. HEKING customers include provincial and urban water resources and environmental protection authorities, large enterprises and groups and precisely targeted customers...

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Focus on projects of wetland ecological restoration, soil restoration, sewage treatment, wetland dredging, environmental protection etc.


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Congratulations on going-on line of re-edited HEKING website.
The environmental protection industry is entering the golden period. The total investment in the “13th Five-Year Plan” will exce
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Ministry of Industry and Information Technology issued guidance: environmental protection equipment industry welcomes developmen
Hefei Mining Co., Ltd. was invited to participate in “2018 China (Hefei) Promoting High Quality Development Summit Forum”
Congratulations on going-on line of re-edited HEKING website.
Hefei Mining Co., Ltd. was invited to participate in the "Twentyth Meeting of the Soil Environment Professional Committee of Chi
Studying Xi's ecological development concept, steadily promoting the green strategy of the joint stock company
Planning leads the future of innovation, smart engine mining takes off



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