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HKSCL3000 sewage treatment integrated equipment

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1. Product introduction:

The HKSCL3000 sewage treatment integrated equipment independently developed by Anhui Hefei can completely solve the environmental pollution problems of large, medium and small river industrial water pollution, domestic water pollution, black odor water body, and sewage treatment capacity is about 3000m3/day. The equipment adopts human-machine integrated intelligent and monitoring digital design scheme to realize intelligent, block, miniaturization and sustainable functions. It can quickly process different types of sewage, make sewage effluent stable and meet standard discharge, and low energy consumption. ,efficient.

The whole machine is equipped with a central control system, which eliminates the need for long-term duty and reduces management costs. At the same time, the whole set of equipment has small footprint, strong mobility and can be moved at any time. For large water pollution areas, multiple devices can be used at the same time. Improve sewage treatment efficiency.


2. Main technical parameters:

Machine working quality: 20000Kg

Working voltage: 380V

Wastewater treatment capacity: 3000m3/day


3.suitable for working conditions:

Black and odorous water, domestic sewage, industrial sewage, oil and sewage, polluted rivers, polluted lakes and other sewage treatment.

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