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HK280SC(deep water type)

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1. Product introduction:

The deep water type dredging machine series can be used for deep water floating and has intelligent functions such as sonar detection, underwater imaging, speed detection and surface positioning navigation. The whole machine operating platform can be used for 360° rotation, with deep water excavation, sucking, pile pressing, screening and filtering, lifting and other functions. The whole machine adopts electronically controlled energy-saving technology, with strong power, efficient operation, energy saving and environmental protection.

This product has been listed in the CCTV-10 "I love invention" column.


2. Main technical parameters:

Machine working quality: 26000kg

Engine rated power: 89.3kW

Bucket capacity: 0.4m3

Bucket maximum digging force: 80kN

Maximum digging radius: 10811mm


3. Suitable for working conditions:

Water reclamation works for reclamation, deep water and wetlands, medium-sized rivers, lakes, etc.

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