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Hefei Mining Co., Ltd. was invited to participate in the "Twentyth Meeting of the Soil Environment Professional Committee of Chi

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On August 5-7, 2018, the 20th Meeting of the Soil Environmental Professional Committee of China Soil Society and the Seminar on Farmland Soil Pollution and Remediation were held in Fengda International Conference Center of Hefei Economic and Technological Development Zone, Anhui Province. As one of the few enterprises in China with the core technology of wetland ecological restoration, soil remediation and environmental management, the company was invited to attend the meeting. Hu Gangui, general manager of Hefei Mining Co., attended the meeting on behalf of the company.
The conference was hosted by the Soil and Soil Committee of the China Soil Society. The focus was on the soil pollution process and its molecular mechanisms, the investigation and risk assessment of contaminated soil and sites, the contaminated soil and site remediation technologies, the ecological reconstruction of mine abandoned land, and the national soil environment. Academic exchanges on protection policies, agricultural product safety and public health. During the two-day formal meeting, the representative of Hefei Mining Group listened carefully to the relevant report of the meeting and made detailed answers to the questions raised by the visiting guests. Through this meeting, the company will promote the mining and environmental treatment of the mining shares. The pace of development in the field has laid a solid foundation for the company to focus on ecological restoration, soil remediation, environmental management and providing intelligent integrated solutions. (Text / Photography Huang Minglong)
Remarks: From 2014 to 2018, the No. 1 Document of the Central Committee will promote the prevention and control of heavy metal contaminated arable land and the application of soil pollution control and restoration technology as “the beautiful Chinese ecological civilization pilot zone” and “rural revitalization”. Important content of national strategies such as the “Soil Pollution Prevention Action Plan”. The report of the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China clearly pointed out that actively promoting the construction of ecological civilization and building a beautiful China, we must resolutely fight the tough battle against poverty and pollution prevention by 2020, focus on solving outstanding environmental problems, and strengthen soil pollution control and restoration. General Secretary Xi Jinping has repeatedly stressed: "Strengthen the prevention and control of pollution of water, atmosphere and soil, and strive to promote the comprehensive management of heavy metal pollution and soil pollution."
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