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The Ministry of Industry and Information Technology issued guidance: environmental protection equipment industry to meet the development opportunity.

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"Green water and green mountains are golden mountains and silver mountains". Since the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, the concept of green development has been deeply rooted in the hearts of the people. Favorable policies have been introduced, law enforcement has been strengthened, and market demand has been released, which has promoted the development of the environmental protection industry.

On October 24, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology issued guidance on accelerating the development of the environmental protection equipment manufacturing industry, guiding the integrated development of environmental protection equipment manufacturing, the Internet and the service industry, and encouraging environmental protection equipment companies to strengthen cooperation. With the support of the skeleton policy and the optimization and adjustment of the market, the future of China's environmental protection equipment industry is bright.

The Guiding Opinions closely focus on the dual goals of green development and providing effective supply for improving environmental quality, focusing on hot and difficult issues in environmental governance such as atmosphere, water, and soil, as well as new requirements for environmental protection equipment due to ecological environmental protection needs under the new situation, from the nine key development areas of air pollution prevention and control equipment, water pollution prevention and control equipment, solid waste treatment and disposal equipment, soil pollution remediation equipment, comprehensive utilization of resources equipment, environmental pollution emergency treatment equipment, special instruments and meters for environmental monitoring, special materials and agents for environmental pollution prevention and control, noise and vibration control equipment, This paper puts forward the research and development direction of key core technology and equipment that the industry needs to overcome in the future.

The competent departments of industry and information technology in all provinces, autonomous regions, municipalities directly under the Central Government, cities under separate state planning, and Xinjiang Production and Construction Corps:

The environmental protection equipment manufacturing industry is an important part of the energy-saving and environmental protection industry, an important technical basis for protecting the environment, and an important guarantee for achieving green development. In recent years, the scale of the environmental protection equipment manufacturing industry has expanded rapidly, the development model has been continuously innovated, the service field has been continuously expanded, and the technical level has been greatly improved. Some equipment has reached the international leading level. In 2016, the output value was 620 billion billion yuan, double that of 2011. With the concept of green development deeply rooted in the hearts of the people, the pace of industrial green transformation has been further accelerated, which has brought huge market space and put forward new and higher requirements for the development of environmental protection equipment manufacturing industry. But at the same time, the innovation ability of environmental protection equipment manufacturing industry is not strong, the low-end homogenization competition of products is serious, and the difficulties in the application and promotion of advanced technology and equipment are still prominent. In order to implement the "Made in China 2025" and the "13th Five-Year" National Strategic Emerging Industry Development Plan, fully implement green manufacturing, improve the level of environmental protection equipment manufacturing, promote the sustainable and healthy development of the environmental protection industry, and achieve effective supply, the following opinions are put forward:

1. general ideas and objectives

(I) general idea. Fully implement the decisions and deployments of the Party Central Committee and the State Council on the construction of ecological civilization and the implementation of the strategy of manufacturing a strong country, firmly establish the development concept of innovation, coordination, green, openness, and sharing, strengthen innovation drive, optimize product structure, improve the standard system, and promote integrated development. Implement and improve policies and measures to support the development of the industry, stimulate the endogenous power of the industry and the vitality of market players, and guide the entire industry to transform its development mode, improve the core competitiveness of the industry, comprehensively enhance the effective supply of advanced environmental protection equipment, and provide strong support for green development.

(II) work objectives. By 2020, the industry's innovation capabilities will be significantly improved, new breakthroughs will be made in key core technologies, and an innovation-driven industry development system will be basically completed. The effective supply capacity of advanced environmental protection technology and equipment has been significantly improved, and the market share has increased significantly. The main technical equipment has basically reached the international advanced level, and the international competitiveness has been significantly enhanced. The industrial structure has been continuously optimized, supporting a number of standardized enterprises with exemplary and leading roles in each key area, cultivating 10 billion-scale leading enterprises, and creating thousands of "specialized, special and new" small and medium-sized enterprises. to form a number of industrial clusters with strong driving effect and distinctive characteristics. The output value of environmental protection equipment manufacturing industry reached 1000 billion yuan.

2. main tasks

(I) strengthen technology research and development collaborative innovation development. Encourage enterprises to focus on the hot and difficult problems of environmental pollution that need to be solved urgently and the demand for continuously improving environmental protection standards, with the goal of breaking through key common technologies, relying on key common technologies in the industry, and taking the industrial chain as the link, cultivate and create technological innovation centers and industrial technological innovation alliances. Guide enterprises to innovate along the industrial chain, promote the formation of a collaborative innovation community, achieve accurate research and development, and overcome a number of key core technologies and equipment for pollution control, as well as materials and pharmaceuticals. Strengthen the construction of application and promotion platforms, improve the industrialization mechanism, encourage the transformation of innovative results, promote the precise docking of equipment and governance projects, and accelerate the application in the green transformation of traditional manufacturing industries such as steel, nonferrous metals, chemicals, and building materials.

(II) promote the development of intelligent green production transformation. Explore and promote the modular design and standardized manufacturing of non-standard products, promote the application of the Internet of Things, robots, automation equipment and information management software in the production process, improve the level of intelligent manufacturing and information management in the environmental protection equipment manufacturing industry, and realize lean production process management. Increase the application of green design, green technology and green supply chain in the field of environmental protection equipment manufacturing, carry out benchmarking of energy efficiency, water efficiency and pollutant discharge in the production process, create green demonstration factories, and improve the overall level of green manufacturing in the industry.

(III) promote the development of product diversification and branding. Optimize the product structure of environmental protection equipment, expand product segmentation areas, and gradually develop and form complete and serialized products with independent intellectual property rights for different industries. Aiming at environmental governance costs and operating efficiency, focus on the development of a batch of intelligent and energy-saving advanced Efficient environmental protection equipment, according to user governance needs and operating environment, create a batch of customized products. Strengthen the brand building of environmental protection equipment products, establish a brand cultivation management system, promote socialized quality inspection services, improve product quality, enhance the market recognition of independent brands, cultivate a number of independent brands with international reputation, and improve brand added value and international competitiveness.

(IV) guide the industry differentiation agglomeration integration development. Encourage leading enterprises of environmental protection equipment to develop into comprehensive service providers integrating system design, equipment manufacturing, engineering construction, commissioning and maintenance, and operation and management. Small and medium-sized enterprises will develop in the direction of "specialization, refinement and innovation" of product specialization, research and development, service characteristics and new formats, To form a number of gathering areas led by leading enterprises, supporting small and medium-sized enterprises and coordinated development of industrial chain. Guide the integrated development of environmental protection equipment manufacturing, the Internet and the service industry, actively explore new models and new formats, and accelerate the improvement of the service capabilities and investment and financing capabilities of manufacturing enterprises. Promote military-civilian integration and promote the application and promotion of dual-use equipment in the field of environmental pollution control. Encourage traditional manufacturing enterprises to use their own technological advantages to expand to the environmental protection equipment manufacturing industry and extend the depth and breadth of the industrial chain.

(V) encourage international and open development of enterprises. Encourage environmental protection equipment companies to strengthen cooperation, adopt the form of complementary advantages and strong alliances, actively expand foreign markets, participate in the construction and operation of overseas environmental protection projects through technology introduction, cooperative research and development, and direct investment, and guide the environmental protection equipment manufacturing industry to export from a single machine Mainly to provide complete sets of equipment and services-based international equipment general contracting and engineering general contracting. Encourage environmental protection equipment companies to join forces with infrastructure construction companies to actively participate in environmental infrastructure construction projects in the "Belt and Road" construction and international capacity cooperation. Make full use of bilateral and multilateral cooperation mechanisms and exchange platforms, strengthen exchanges and cooperation with foreign enterprises in information, technology and projects, promote international mutual recognition of environmental protection technology and equipment patents and standards, and achieve international docking.

3. focus areas

(I) air pollution prevention and control equipment. Focus on the research and development of PM2.5 and ozone main precursors combined removal, sulfur trioxide (SO3), heavy metals, dioxin treatment and other trend, forward-looking technical equipment. Research and development of key components such as pulse high-voltage power supply for dust removal, and promotion of waste incineration flue gas, mobile source exhaust, volatile organic compounds (VOCs) exhaust gas purification and disposal technology and equipment. We will promote the application and demonstration of ultra-low emissions from coal-fired power plants, collaborative control of multi-pollutants in non-electric industries such as iron and steel, coking, nonferrous metals, building materials, chemical industry, and volatile organic compounds control technology and equipment in key areas.

(II) water pollution prevention equipment. Focus on anaerobic ammonia oxidation technology and equipment and electrolytic catalytic oxidation, supercritical oxidation equipment and other oxidation technology and equipment, research and development of biological enhancement and low energy consumption and high efficiency of advanced membrane treatment technology and components, to carry out drinking water trace toxic pollutants treatment technology and equipment and other basic research. Focus on the promotion of low-cost, high-standard, low-energy and high-efficiency sewage treatment equipment, zero-discharge treatment and comprehensive utilization technology of high-salt wastewater in coal-fired power plants, coal chemical industry and other industries, deep nitrogen and phosphorus removal and safe and efficient disinfection technology and equipment. Promote the restoration of black and smelly water bodies, rural sewage treatment, urban and industrial park sewage plant upgrading transformation, as well as industrial and livestock breeding, garbage leachate treatment and other fields of high-concentration refractory sewage treatment application demonstration.

(III) soil pollution remediation equipment. Focus on research and development of soil bioremediation, enhanced gas phase extraction (SVE), heavy metal electrokinetic separation and other technical equipment. Focus on the promotion of thermal desorption, chemical leaching, oxidation reduction and other technical equipment. Study the impact of contaminated sites such as petroleum, chemical industry, smelting, and mines on the human settlement environment and ecological safety, and carry out demonstrations of treatment and restoration of farmland soil pollution, industrial land pollution, and mining soil pollution.

(IV) solid waste treatment and disposal equipment. Focus on research and development of construction waste wet sorting, contaminated sediment treatment and repair, waste efficient anaerobic digestion, waste incineration flue gas efficient deacidification, incineration flue gas dioxins and heavy metals efficient adsorption, waste incineration fly ash resource treatment and other technical equipment. Focus on the promotion of cement kiln collaborative harmless disposal of complete sets of technical equipment, organic solid waste anaerobic pyrolysis technology equipment, advanced high-efficiency waste incineration technology equipment, incineration slag and fly ash safety disposal technology equipment, coal-fired power plant desulfurization by-products, denitration catalyst, waste filter bag harmless treatment technology equipment, low energy consumption sludge dewatering, deep drying technology equipment, landfill leachate concentrated liquid treatment, biogas natural gas, deactivation catalyst regeneration technology equipment, etc. For domestic waste, hazardous waste incineration treatment field technical equipment process stability, prevention and control of secondary pollution, as well as urban sewage treatment plants, industrial wastewater treatment facilities sludge treatment and disposal and other key areas to carry out application demonstration.

(V) resources comprehensive utilization equipment. Focus on the research and development of intelligent comprehensive utilization technology and equipment based on the Internet of Things and big data, and research and development and promotion of comprehensive utilization equipment integrated with the end treatment of pollutants. In the field of tailings, red mud, coal gangue, fly ash, industrial by-product gypsum, smelting slag and other bulk industrial solid waste research and development to promote high-value, large-scale, intensive utilization of technology and equipment. In the field of waste electronic appliances, scrap automobiles, scrap metal, waste tires and other renewable resources, research and development of intelligent dismantling, fine sorting and comprehensive utilization of key technical equipment, and promote the application of large-scale complete sets of environmental protection equipment. Accelerate the research and development of waste plastics, waste rubber modification technology, as well as waste textiles, waste denitrification catalysts, waste power batteries, waste solar panels harmless, resource, complete sets of treatment and utilization of technical equipment. In the field of straw and other agricultural wastes, the "five-material" utilization technology and equipment of feed, base material, fertilizer, raw material and fuel are popularized and applied.

(VI) environmental pollution emergency treatment equipment. Focus on research and development of hazardous chemical accidents, shipping hazardous chemicals (cyanide) leakage prevention and emergency management of emergency technical equipment. Focus on the promotion of mobile waste emergency treatment technology and equipment, water oil spill emergency disposal technology and equipment. Carry out the application demonstration of technical equipment such as hazardous chemical accidents and cyanobacteria bloom emergency disposal.

Special instrumentation for (VII) environmental monitoring. Focus on research and development of pollution source water quality cluster analysis, water quality toxicity monitoring, petrochemical, chemical park air pollution multi-parameter continuous monitoring and early warning, biological monitoring and multi-target synchronous monitoring, as well as emergency environmental monitoring and other technical equipment. Focus on the promotion of rapid on-site monitoring of pollutants, continuous monitoring of multi-parameter and multi-pollutant such as volatile organic compounds, ammonia, heavy metals, sulfur trioxide (SO3), and regional and grid environmental monitoring technology and equipment such as vehicle, airborne and spaceborne, As well as rapid detection and diagnosis of heavy metals and persistent organic pollutants in farmland soil.

Special materials and agents for the prevention and control of (VIII) environmental pollution. Focus on research and development of new high-efficiency water treatment materials and chemicals, ultra-clean filtration, high-efficiency gas-solid separation materials, soil heavy metals and persistent organic pollutants solidification removal, microbial remediation, ecological restoration, environmental protection with nanomaterials and chemicals. Focus on the promotion of high-efficiency, low-resistance and long-life dust removal filter materials, corrosion-resistant liners for desulfurization, soil heavy metal passivation materials and agents, catalysts for volatile organic compounds treatment, garbage deodorants, in-situ passivation, fixation, biological barrier materials and agents.

(IX) noise and vibration control equipment. Focus on the promotion of rail transit vibration isolation technology and equipment, high-speed railway sound barrier technology and equipment, array muffler, low-frequency noise source diagnosis and treatment equipment and other key technical equipment.

4. safeguard measures

(I) strengthen the guidance of industry norms. According to the subdivision of the environmental protection equipment manufacturing industry, formulate the normative conditions for the sub-fields, issue a list of enterprises that meet the normative conditions, and guide the concentration of production factors to advantageous enterprises. Regularly revise and publish the "Catalogue of Major Environmental Protection Technology and Equipment Encouraged by the State" to accelerate the research, development, promotion and application of advanced technology and equipment. We will further improve the industry standard system and lead the development of product standardization, serialization, generalization and complete sets. Build a monitoring system for the economic operation of the industry and standardize the orderly development of the environmental protection equipment manufacturing industry.

(II) increase fiscal and financial support. Make full use of existing funding channels such as green manufacturing, industrial transformation and upgrading, energy conservation and emission reduction, and technological transformation, give full play to the preferential income tax policies for energy-saving, water-saving and environmental protection special equipment and the insurance compensation mechanism for the first (set) of major technical equipment, and support the industrialization of advanced environmental protection technology and equipment Demonstration and promotion and application. We will actively promote financial products such as green credit, green bonds, financial leasing, intellectual property pledge loans, and credit insurance policy pledge loans, and increase support for the environmental protection equipment manufacturing industry. Encourage social capital to set up industrial funds in accordance with the principle of marketization and invest in environmental protection equipment manufacturing.

(III) give full play to the role of intermediary organizations. Make use of the advantages of relevant industry associations, scientific research institutes and consulting institutions that are familiar with the industry and close to enterprises, actively carry out policy publicity, technical exchanges, standard formulation, operation monitoring, industry self-discipline and other work, do a good job in the bridge and link between the government and industries and enterprises, and promote the sustained and healthy development of the industry.

(IV) strengthen the construction of qualified personnel. Focusing on the development needs of the environmental protection equipment manufacturing industry, establish and improve a diversified talent training system, strengthen the construction of professional and technical talents with innovative spirit and high-skilled talents with craftsmanship spirit, strengthen the reserve and training of "going out" talents, and develop the industry Provide multi-level innovative talent guarantee.


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