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Anhui or add another 9 wetland parks this year

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Anhui Business Daily Hefei Network Wireless Hefei News The third working meeting of the Global Environment Facility "Strengthening the Management Effectiveness of Anhui Wetland Protection System" project steering committee was held in Hefei on June 28. With the advancement of the project, last year our province added 1961.42 hectares of wetland protection area. This year, our province plans to declare 9 more wetland parks for pilot construction, including 3 in Hefei.




The "Strengthening the Management Effectiveness of the Wetland Protection System in Anhui Province" project is a sub-project of the fifth phase of the China-Global Environment Facility (GEF) project, and it is also a major international cooperation project in wetland protection in our province so far. The project started in December 2013 and ended in November 2018, with a grant of US $2.65 million from the Global Environment Facility. The main content of this project includes promoting the mainstreaming process of wetland protection at the provincial level in our province; enhancing the coordination ability of wetland protection at the basin level; reducing the threat to the wetland ecosystem of 7 project sites including the Shengjin Lake Nature Reserve.

The reporter learned from yesterday's meeting that the overall goal of the project is to add 80000 hectares of wetland protected land before the end of the project. In 2015, Anhui Province added 7 new wetland park pilot units, built 2 provincial wetland parks and 6 municipal wetland parks, and added 1961.42 hectares of wetland protection area. By the end of 2015, about 32200 hectares of protected wetlands have been added, accounting for 40% of the set target.

According to the plan, from 2016 to 2017, our province will apply for the pilot construction of 9 wetland parks and 3 to 5 provincial wetland parks. The reporter learned that the nine wetland parks include Anhui Mengcheng Beifeihe Wetland Park, Chaohu Peninsula Wetland Park, Feidong Dongjing Wetland Park, Hefei Luyang Wetland Park, Huaining Guanyin Cave Wetland Park, Huaibei Zhonghu Wetland Park, Huainan Huai West Lake Wetland Park, Diving River Wetland Park, Spring Water Bay Wetland Park, etc., the provincial capital Hefei has three.


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