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Small and medium-sized environmental protection private enterprises how to break through the practice of "internal strength" is the king

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中小环保民企如何突围 修炼“内功”才是王道

Small and medium-sized environmental protection private enterprises how to break through the practice of "internal strength" is the king


In 2015, cross-border mergers and acquisitions of environmental protection is a continuous hot spot.

On June 24, at the 2016 Environmental Protection Small and Medium-sized Enterprise Development and Investment and Financing Forum jointly sponsored by Jiangsu (Yixing) Environmental Protection Industry Technology Research Institute and Yixing Huaxia Environmental Protection Enterprise Federation, Zhu Xufeng, member of the standing Committee of Yixing City and director of Yixing Environmental Science Park Management Committee, said that the environmental protection industry has ushered in a new phenomenon: a large number of capital-based laypeople have entered environmental protection, making small and medium and medium-sized environmental protection enterprises face great challenges.

It is difficult for private enterprises to obtain business and market on their own, so they have to use other "shortcuts". According to Zhu Xufeng, "there is a private enterprise that has several businesses in Inner Mongolia. He proposed to cooperate with us and give 10% of the shares, hoping to win an identity."

Under the pressure of transformation, in recent years, large state-owned enterprises with capital advantages have turned to environmental protection, and the cross-border M & A market is booming. Large state-owned enterprises, including Gezhouba Group, Sinopec, CITIC Group, China Railway and other large state-owned enterprises, have laid out the environmental protection market one after another. What impact will this have on the environmental protection market, which is still dominated by small and medium-sized environmental protection enterprises?

Some industry experts believe that state-owned enterprises have strong capital, and their entry will inject a lot of capital into the environmental protection industry, but it will also have an impact on environmental protection enterprises.

Zhao Lijun, president of the Environmental Chamber of Commerce of the all-China Federation of Industry and Commerce, said in an interview that in the long run, these large enterprises will intensify the competition and integration of the whole industry and accelerate the improvement of enterprise concentration. If some small enterprises do not have differentiated competitive advantages, lack of core competitiveness in a certain aspect, and only homogeneous competition, it is difficult to change the plight of small enterprises.

In this context, how should small and medium-sized environmental protection enterprises "break through"?

The first is to build a modern enterprise, followed by the core technology. Zhu Xufeng believes that in addition to strengthening the cultivation of enterprises' own "internal strength", the way enterprises play in the market should also be changed.

Zhu Xufeng introduced that the current environmental protection companies feel that market projects are difficult to obtain, and private companies are marginalized. Unless they are superior companies in a certain segment recognized by the industry, they are too capital in the existing bidding system. Weak, it is difficult to obtain business and market. In response, Zhu Xufeng suggested that private enterprises need to organize their own teams around technology and capital.


(Original title: to take the project of small and medium-sized environmental protection private enterprises to sell equity holding state-owned enterprises "thigh")





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