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China's first "soil remediation integration equipment" press conference

Environmental Protection Market Opens to Welcome Customers Investment in Three Major Sectors

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环保市场开门迎客 三大板块投资成香饽饽


"Compared with developed countries, China's environmental protection industry should have a gap of about 20 years." Xiong Yan, chairman of Guofu Capital, said.

Although there is a certain degree of backwardness compared with developed countries, China's environmental protection industry has also entered the era of "real industry", which is mainly reflected in five aspects:

First of all, the mode of comprehensive management has been opened, and ecological civilization has become the strategic core of leading development. Secondly, into the effect of the era, all subject to the effect. Third, in the era of technology, the power of capital cannot replace technology. Fourth, we have entered the era of third-party governance, allowing professional institutions to do professional things. Finally, we entered the era of increasing production. A large number of laypeople who have not engaged in environmental protection have entered the environmental protection industry, and a large amount of capital has entered the environmental protection industry.

Ji Xiaonan, chairman of the board of supervisors of key large state-owned enterprises under the State Council, said that increasing investment is needed to realize the economical utilization of resources and improve the ecological environment, which will inevitably increase the cost of enterprises, adjust the industrial structure, renovate or even shut down high-polluting enterprises, which will affect the speed of economic development in a short period of time. The fundamental way to solve this contradiction lies in practicing the five development concepts, changing the mode of economic development and adhering to green development. One of the very important aspects is to vigorously develop the green environmental protection industry. In this regard, my country has great development space and potential.

Following the "Ten Articles of Atmosphere" and "Ten Articles of Water", the "Ten Articles of Soil" came into being, bringing top-level design for soil environmental restoration, and also laying the status of soil pollution control in the future. With the completion of the weapons and equipment of the "three major battles", the rise of China's environmental protection industry has become inevitable.

The prospects for development are bright, and the road to rise is not a smooth one. The environmental protection sector continued to fluctuate after a sharp fall in January. Under the overall weakness of the market, it is difficult for the environmental protection sector to rise against the trend; the environmental protection industry also lacks the unique factors of the industry such as the performance rise and policy stimulus that support the rise of stock prices, and the overall trend of the environmental protection sector continues to be volatile and depressed.

The growth gap between the industry sub-sectors is large, the environmental monitoring and solid waste disposal sub-industries have shown sustained high growth in the past three years, sewage treatment and atmospheric treatment have also experienced high growth, but the garden sector has continued to decline.

The pressure of economic downturn is increasing, and the environmental protection industry is also facing new growth pressure. Increasing investment has become the main means of steady growth, but there is a lack of effective investment areas. The environmental protection industry has natural advantages, and increasing investment in environmental protection is an inevitable choice. The new dilemma of lack of government investment funds and declining private investment will accelerate the landing of PPP projects that were already slow to develop. PPP projects began to enter explosive growth in the second half of 15 years. PPP projects of listed companies have grown significantly in 16 years.

Therefore, on the whole, in the current field of environmental protection investment, there are three major sectors worthy of attention:

1. hazardous waste disposal and soil remediation co-development. The illegal transfer, dumping and utilization of hazardous wastes are usually closely related to soil pollution. The direct consequence of illegal dumping of waste acid and organic matter is the damage to the soil environment. With the release of the "Ten Articles of Soil", the state's management of the soil environment has been put on the agenda, which is also good for the hazardous waste disposal industry.

The 2. sanitation industry is gradually opening up the process of marketization. The future business model of the cleaning industry will be more diversified. In addition to the joint functions of enterprises and the government, it will also accelerate the promotion of marketization and the government will purchase services. With the entry of more companies, the market capacity will inevitably expand.

3. focus on "Sponge City PPP". From 2015 to 2016, the Ministry of Finance has selected 30 cities as pilot sponge cities and 25 cities as pilot cities for underground comprehensive pipe corridors. Sponge city construction requires a lot of funds, despite the central financial support, local governments still have a large funding gap, the need for multi-channel financing to solve the funding bottleneck. Therefore, PPP, franchise and other models are expected to play a major role in the construction of sponge cities and underground integrated pipe corridors.

The environmental protection industry has the cornerstone of the national industry, the income is relatively stable, suitable for large entry, easy to structure financial investment and so on, which also determines the huge investment opportunities of China's environmental protection industry. At present, the diversified pattern of China's environmental protection industry has been formed. In the future, it is a long way to go to become the world's largest environmental protection market.

(Source: China Environmental Protection Online)





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