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Soil protection should avoid three misunderstandings

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The State Council recently issued the "Soil Pollution Prevention and Control Action Plan" (hereinafter referred to as the "Ten Articles"), which provides legal guarantees for ensuring the quality of agricultural products and the safety of the human settlement environment. However, the author found that at present, many people still have some misunderstandings about soil pollution prevention and control. In order to implement the "Ten articles of soil" and do a good job in the prevention and control of soil pollution, the author believes that we should get out of three misunderstandings.

Myth 1: Confusing agricultural land and construction land.

Soil is a very complex system, which is composed of solid, liquid and gas three-phase substances and organisms. It is a special environmental factor. Therefore, the prevention and control of soil pollution is very complex, and only risk prevention and control can be given priority. Different soil uses, risk prevention and control objectives are not the same. The core of the "Ten Articles" is to realize the security and risk control of agricultural land and construction land.

The use of construction land and agricultural land is different, and the control requirements, quality standards and evaluation systems are also different. Agricultural land mainly controls crop growth and food safety risks, while construction land focuses on health safety and pollution diffusion risks in the process of development and utilization. The two implement classified management, have their own quality standards and evaluation technical specifications, and the content and focus of risk control are different. For the soil protection of agricultural land, there is not only the problem of pollution, but also the problem of ecological destruction in the process of agricultural production. It is very one-sided to confuse agricultural land and construction land, and to make no distinction between protection and restoration.

Misunderstanding two: the evaluation of soil environmental quality only consider chemical indicators.

According to the characteristics of soil properties, strictly speaking, soil environmental quality should be evaluated by comprehensive physical, chemical and biological factors. But the current agricultural land soil quality standards and evaluation of technical norms, only chemical indicators. In fact, soil physical and biological factors have an important impact on soil environmental quality. Soil physical and biological factors include soil texture, structure, matrix, microorganisms, etc., which have an important impact on the movement and energy conversion of water, heat, gas and solute in the soil, and determine the soil water conductivity, fertilizer retention and solute transport performance. Therefore, different types of soil, even the same type of soil with different physical and chemical properties of heavy metals, organic matter and other pollutants adsorption and fixation may be quite different, resulting in soil absorption capacity of pollutants, that is, soil environmental capacity is also different.

Many studies have shown that excessive fertilization and medication in agricultural production, agricultural film residues, unreasonable planting, soil erosion and other damage to soil physical and chemical properties and ecosystems are important factors leading to the deterioration of soil environmental quality. It not only affects the growth and quality of crops, but also reduces the soil environmental capacity. In serious cases, it can also cause the adjustment of the land planting structure and even make the land lose its agricultural value. Therefore, while monitoring the change of soil chemical composition, we should attach great importance to the change of soil physical and chemical properties and the destruction of ecosystem.

Misunderstanding three: agricultural land soil protection is the prevention and control of enterprise pollution.

Article 3 of the "Ten Articles of Soil" requires "implementing classified management of agricultural land to ensure the safety of the agricultural production environment". In the protection of agricultural land, we should not only pay attention to the prevention and control of enterprise pollution, but also ignore the soil damage caused by agricultural production and management.

It is necessary to earnestly strengthen the soil environmental protection of agricultural land, change the mode of extensive agricultural production, and implement measures such as returning straw to the field, increasing the application of organic fertilizer, less tillage and no tillage, grain and bean rotation, reduction and recycling of agricultural film. Avoid the decline of soil environmental quality caused by predatory agricultural production methods such as excessive fertilization and abuse of drugs.

Like water and gas, the prevention and control of soil pollution should not only focus on one aspect, nor on one department. It is also necessary to follow the guidance of the "Ten Articles of Soil", integrate the forces of multiple departments, and work together to treat soil and scientifically.




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