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It is urgent to carry out agricultural cleaner production

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The "Soil Pollution Prevention and Control Action Plan" issued by the State Council a few days ago clearly proposes to promote clean agricultural production, carry out pilot projects for the resource utilization of agricultural wastes, and form a batch of replicable and popularized agricultural non-point source pollution prevention and control technology models.

At present, China's agriculture has surpassed industry to become the largest non-point source pollution industry. For example, China accounts for 30% of the world's chemical fertilizer application, and the use of pesticides per unit area is twice as high as that of developed countries; about 2.5 million tons of agricultural film are applied every year, but less than 1.5 million tons are recovered, and about 1 million tons of waste agricultural film fragments remain in the soil. Rural non-point source pollution threatens the rural ecology and farmers' life, and restricts the sustainable development of agriculture. The implementation of agricultural cleaner production brooks no delay.

To achieve clean agricultural production, the following countermeasures and measures should be taken.




One is to enhance the awareness of farmland protection. For a long time, local governments and relevant departments have relatively weak awareness of rural environmental protection, and there are phenomena that attach importance to cities, light rural areas, heavy industry and light agriculture. At the same time, the phenomenon of unreasonable use of agricultural inputs by the majority of farmers is still relatively common, and agricultural cleaner production has not attracted great attention, which has aggravated agricultural environmental pollution and resource destruction. It is necessary to intensify publicity and enhance awareness of farmland protection. Through meetings, consultation, sending science and technology to the countryside, we should make full use of various media to widely publicize the great significance of farmland protection, popularize the knowledge of farmland protection, explore the establishment of farmland rest and recuperation mechanism and protection incentive mechanism, and adhere to the combination of land use and land cultivation. Through the entry of agricultural technicians into villages and households, we can help farmers change their traditional habits and improve their understanding of agricultural pollution control and agricultural clean production.

The second is to include agricultural cleaner production in the government's target responsibility and assessment content. To promote agricultural cleaner production, the government should play a leading role. Agricultural cleaner production and agricultural non-point source prevention and control (including the improvement of water quality and cultivated land quality) should be included in the target responsibility and assessment content of local governments, the responsibilities of departments should be clarified, supervision and inspection should be strengthened, and the accountability system should be implemented. In particular, indicators such as the quality of drinking water sources and the over-standard rate of pollutants at cultivated soil points should be included in the important indicators of local government performance evaluation, given a considerable degree of weight, and the evaluation results of rural ecological environment governance performance should be combined with the promotion of local party and government leading cadres at all levels as an important basis for selecting party and government leading cadres.

The third is to strengthen agricultural standardization production. The development of agricultural standardized production is an important starting point for agricultural cleaner production. It is necessary to focus on the residue limits of agricultural and veterinary drugs, and build a standard system covering all aspects of the origin environment, production process, processing and packaging. Vigorously promote soil testing and formula fertilization technology, increase the application of organic fertilizers, and effectively improve the situation of single application of chemical fertilizers on the land. It is necessary to find out the law of soil nutrient change in the region and gradually improve the database of soil testing and formula fertilization. It is necessary to collect soil for testing for farmers free of charge, improve technical information, issue crop fertilization formulas, and provide formula fertilizers. Vigorously promote green plant protection, harm control and reduction technology, promote the use of efficient, safe, low-toxic pesticides and pollution-free biological pesticides. We will carry out the monitoring of pesticide residue indicators and the loss of chemical fertilizers, and severely crack down on the production, sale and use of prohibited pesticides such as high toxicity and high residue. Strengthen the safety inspection of agricultural products, establish a market access mechanism, and strictly control the spread of harmful organisms and toxic agricultural products.

Four is to increase the biodegradable agricultural film research and development demonstration promotion efforts. Waste agricultural film recycling is difficult, should encourage the use of degradable agricultural film. Enterprises and scientific research units should strengthen experiments to further enhance the level of innovation. Cultivate leading enterprises and encourage qualified enterprises to carry out technological innovation, comprehensive experiments and application promotion. Establish a special development fund for biodegradable agricultural film to support the development of biodegradable agricultural film enterprises and industries, and provide support in terms of research and development and subsidies. Preferential policies such as tax relief and loan discount shall be implemented for the production enterprises of biodegradable agricultural film to speed up the development. At the same time, we should carry out comprehensive treatment of waste agricultural film, refuse the production, sale and use of agricultural film exceeding the standard, formulate recycling incentive policies, and improve the ability of recycling and reuse of waste agricultural film.

Five is to increase policy support, the promotion of ecological breeding. Large-scale breeding produces a large number of livestock and poultry manure and sick and dead livestock and poultry. If it is not handled properly, it will inevitably cause serious pollution to the soil and waters. Vigorously promote the "livestock-marsh-field" ecological breeding model, so that livestock and poultry manure and other wastes can be comprehensively utilized, and the harmless and resource utilization of livestock and poultry manure can be realized. The aquaculture industry should regard the transformation and upgrading of environmental protection as a new development opportunity, actively adapt, actively adjust, and refine the industrial chain. The government should increase policy support, do a good job of guidance and standardization, focus on solving the bottleneck constraints of aquaculture enterprises in promoting ecological and environmental protection, and help aquaculture enterprises and farms (households) solve the difficulties of biogas power generation into the network and comprehensive utilization and promotion of organic fertilizers. Further enhance scientific and technological support, reduce costs, increase benefits, integrate, demonstrate, and promote a number of simple, practical and efficient ecological and environmentally friendly breeding models.



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