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Chairman of the board of directors: economic and environmental protection should not be opposed

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With the opening of the National Two Sessions in 2016, green and low-carbon development has become a topic more and more talked about. In the 2016 government work report, the importance of environmental protection has increased unprecedentedly. On the whole, environmental protection, green and beautiful China has been included in the six important goals and tasks of the 13th five-year Plan, five major development concepts and eight key tasks in 2016, and environmental protection has been raised to an unprecedented height during the 13th five-year Plan period.




As the only listed company focusing on water ecological restoration and providing intelligent and comprehensive solutions in the national small and medium-sized enterprise share transfer system, HeKuang Co., Ltd. (830856) provides intelligent and all-round solutions and services related to water ecology for municipal water affairs and various engineering projects, such as sampling inspection and technical support, system design and integration, equipment supply maintenance and financial leasing, project planning and construction, and follow-up operation management, it is one of the water ecological restoration enterprises with the largest scale, the most complete industrial chain, the strongest comprehensive strength and the best economic benefits in China. Today, when the problem of ecological and environmental protection needs to be solved urgently, it undertakes an unprecedented historical mission.

Hu Gangui, chairman of Hekuang Co., Ltd., expressed his views on comprehensive conservation and efficient use of resources, intensifying environmental improvement, strengthening ecological protection and restoration, orderly and reasonable use of nature, and promoting the overall improvement of ecological environment quality:

A careful study of the issue of environmental protection assessment indicators in the draft outline of the 13th five-year Plan shows that this is the strictest indicator in history. We can see that PM2.5 is included in the indicators, surface water is included in the binding indicators, and the resource and environment indicators are mentioned from 8 to 10, which are actually binding indicators, which shows the government's determination to solve this problem. At the same time, the downward pressure on economic growth is relatively large, with steady growth on the one hand and energy conservation and emission reduction on the other. This actually includes two aspects, one is about environmental indicators, and the other is about whether environmental protection and pollution control can maintain the current situation after the current economic downturn.

I feel that the increased indicators have several characteristics: first, they are more comprehensive. I am an environmental protection worker, new and old indicators together form this assessment index system, making it more comprehensive and perfect in the assessment of environmental quality indicators. The second is more scientific. New and old indicators are closely related to the people, and their vital interests are closer and more integrated. Three is more stringent. All are binding indicators. I analyzed that it would take hard work and hard work to complete the index assessment.

On the other hand, I think it is inappropriate and incorrect to oppose the relationship between economy and environmental protection. I personally think that the more the economic downturn, the more we must maintain the determination of green development, and the more the economic downturn, the more we must strengthen the determination and courage of green transformation. We must not sacrifice the environment in exchange for temporary GDP growth. This is unsustainable and not desirable.