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Staff perception | Talking about the civilized construction of Heching Mining Co., Ltd.

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The challenging year of 2015 has passed and the hopeful year of 2016 is coming. At the year-end summary meeting of Hekuang Co., Ltd., Mr. Hu Gangui, chairman of the board of directors, affirmed the achievements made by Hekuang in the past year and made clear the direction of development in the future. Mr. Hu also mentioned an important point, that is, to deepen the construction of corporate culture.

"Quality first, customer first" is the service concept of Heching Mining Co., Ltd.. Standardized and civilized construction is actually the development, leap and sublimation of safe production work, and the guiding ideology of "people-oriented. On the basis of safety standards, the activities of creating civilized construction sites and standardized civilized construction are an important symbol of modern construction and are of great significance as part of corporate culture.




There is still a long way to go for our safety production management standardization to reach the standard, and there is still a lot of work to be done. The idea of standardized development and growth put forward by the company's management team and leadership team cannot be waited for. Safety and civilization must be grasped with two hands and walked with two legs. Under the background of enterprise development, we must first understand the significance of civilized construction, which is summarized as follows:

First, the standardization of civilized construction management is the tangible carrier of corporate culture. The project site environment is relatively open, the most intuitive embodiment of corporate culture is to let each different project to adopt standardized and civilized construction management. This standard mainly includes two aspects: production environment and management mode. The construction of the standard is based on the full consideration of the characteristics of the industry, such as the diversification of the environment, the uncertainty of the project, the complexity of safe production, the instability of the construction personnel, etc., the generality is summarized, based on national norms and industry standards, and combined with the long-term accumulation of enterprise experience. Therefore, the standard itself is the concentration of corporate culture, in the project construction, the specific implementation process of the standard is a tangible carrier of corporate culture, at the same time, the implementation of the standard is also a good display process of corporate culture. Our potential customers, prospective customers and customers to visit the project examples are no longer limited to the delivered project, we can always welcome customers to visit the construction site, exchange and guidance.

Another important meaning of 2. standardized civilized construction is that it can enhance cohesion. Through standardized management, such as uniform dress, listing, pre-job education, pre-class education and other activities, the corporate identity and collective consciousness of individual personnel can be increased. If standardized and civilized construction can be carried out throughout the construction process and can be adhered to, it will certainly improve the cultural, technical and ideological quality of the entire construction team, enhance the consciousness of large-scale production of unity and cooperation, and enable the project to be successfully completed. and win the good reputation of Party A, design units, consortium, subcontractors, suppliers and competent departments at all levels.




3. standardized and civilized construction is one of the basis for reflecting the level of project management. At present, the economic benefits of an enterprise largely depends on its management level, and the realization of standardized civilized site is an important basis for measuring the level of project management, but also an excellent construction team in the construction site management must be a comprehensive basic management work. The purpose of management is to improve work efficiency, reduce engineering costs and obtain more profits. Take the measures of standardized and civilized construction, and implement them, so that the construction site is clean and orderly, and the construction personnel are full of energy. While strengthening the safety production, it also ensures the product quality and improves the economic efficiency, thus reflecting the management level of our enterprise, and making it continuously improve and perfect.

4. standardized and civilized construction is an important means for enterprises to win customer recognition, and the construction market competition is becoming increasingly fierce. Enterprises want to be in an invincible position in the competition, and can better develop and expand, it is necessary to come up with decent products, and our products are produced on site, and the construction site has become the external window of the enterprise. Many construction units, before bidding for each project, while keeping the price down, they always inspect the site. Standardized and civilized construction gives people the first impression. A good construction environment and construction order can not only be supported and relied on by the construction unit. Improve the visibility and market competitiveness of enterprises, and may also win some "return projects".

Understanding the significance of standardized and civilized construction, we must greatly improve the management level of construction. Through the management of quality, safety protection, safe use of electricity, mechanical equipment, technology, fire protection, field capacity, health, environmental protection, materials and other aspects of the construction site, we can create a good construction environment and construction order, promote safe production, speed up the construction progress, ensure the quality of the project and reduce the cost of the project, finally, the economic and social benefits of the enterprise will be improved, and the company will gradually develop into an internationally competitive supplier of wetland ecological restoration solutions.