Heguo Mining Co., Ltd. was invited to participate in the "2018 China (Hefei) Summit Forum on Promoting High Quality Development"

Heokuang Co., Ltd. was invited to participate in the "20th Meeting of the Soil Environment Professional Committee of the Chinese Soil Society" and "Symposium on Farmland Soil Pollution and Remediation"

Learning from President Xi's Ecological Outlook on Development and Steadily Promoting the Green Strategy of Hecco

Anhui HeMine Environmental Technology Co., Ltd. undertook the successful completion of the soil remediation project of Sanmen County Chemical Co., Ltd.

To the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, China's first independent research and development of "soil remediation integration equipment" press conference was successfully held

China's first "soil remediation integration equipment" press conference

Hechuang shares follow "the belt and road initiative" to explore international market

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In September and October 2013, during his visit to Central and Southeast Asian countries, Chinese President Xi Jinping successively put forward the strategic concept of jointly building the "Silk Road Economic Belt" and the "21st Century Maritime Silk Road" (referred to as "Belt and Road Initiative"). It will fully rely on the existing bilateral and multilateral mechanisms between China and relevant countries, and rely on the existing and effective regional cooperation platform. The "the belt and road initiative" strategy is currently China's highest national top-level strategy.

Under the guidance of the "One Belt and One Road" strategic concept, Heching Mining Co., Ltd. (stock code 830856) actively explores the international market. At present, it has established long-term friendly cooperative relations with Canada, Russia, Singapore, Paraguay, Australia, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, the Philippines and other countries. At the same time, the company has continuously developed a dredging system suitable for environmental governance in the above countries, which has been fully recognized and praised by customers. Among them, Canada and Russia have signed agency agreements with Heckuang, and the two sides have established a stable and lasting cooperative relationship. In particular, Indonesian customers, after reaching a strategic partnership, the two sides are further discussing investment matters and are expected to become important partners of Heckuang. At present, Hekuang is working hard for the state's foreign aid projects.




Based on scientific and technological innovation, Hemining Co., Ltd. (stock code 830856) focuses on the development and research of special wetland dredging equipment, adhering to "differentiated products, high-end technology and personalized service". The products are designed and produced separately according to the personalized needs of customers in different working fields and different working conditions, with complex structure, high technical difficulty and high technical content.

Heching Mining Co., Ltd. (stock code 830856) always adheres to the development guide of "global thinking, localized action", closely follows the "Belt and Road" strategy, and actively explores the international market. The products have good market feedback and broad domestic and foreign market demand. And for the first time, Chinese enterprises have achieved technological overtaking of developed countries in the field of solving sediment disasters, laying a leading position in subdivided industries. In the future, with the advantages of system, innovation and efficient science and technology, China's wetland restoration will be promoted to a new peak!