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HKMX210 soil repair integrated equipment

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1. Product Description:

It is the first in China and has completely independent intellectual property rights. It can solve various contaminated soil problems such as heavy metals, hydrocarbons, tars, organic compounds, pesticides, hydrogen chloride, etc. The daily processing capacity is about 400m3/day. The whole machine adopts frequency conversion system and advanced intelligence. Control system, energy efficient, reliable performance. At the same time, the equipment is easy to operate and convenient to transfer, and the whole equipment can be transported to the soil remediation site to quickly repair the contaminated soil. For large contaminated areas, multiple units can be used simultaneously.


2. Main technical parameters:

Machine working quality: 25000Kg

Engine rated power: 120Kw

Hopper capacity: 6m3

Working voltage: 380V

Ability to treat soil: 80 m3/h

Treatment soil diameter: 180mm


3.suitable for working conditions:

Metal, hydrocarbon, tar, organic compounds, pesticides, hydrogen chloride and other contaminated soil remediation

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