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领导  HEKING people have a dream. Leading China's wetland ecological restoration projects, we hope that, with our own efforts and wisdom, we further promote “Green China” construction and become the believer and practitioner of the “China’s Ecological Dream”.
  HEKING explores the technology with hardship and goes ahead with courage for the dream. Over the years, through the HEKING people have persistently made progress in wetland ecological restoration and made outstanding achievement in wastewater and sludge treatment technology through “concept innovation, technological innovation and practice innovation”. The integrated wetland ecological restoration technology independently developed by HEKING breaks the technical barriers of the industry and creates completely new wetland restoration model. HEKING’s unique full industry chain water and sludge treatment technique solves secondary pollution problem, a trouble in the entire sector. The technique makes wastewater and sludge classified utilization possible and thus establishes the leading position of HEKING in the sub-divided sector.
  HEKING has continuously expanded market, improved its competitive advantage and also turned their vision to international market while expanding domestic market over the years with the market guideline of “global thinking, localized actions, multi-technology routes and multi-product types”. HEKING is undertaking project cooperation in Singapore, Indonesia, Thailand, Canada and the USA and has established long term and stable cooperative relationship in these countries. Domestic market share of HEKING products is now 5% and expected to be over 10% by the end of 2018, while, in international market, the share is about 10% now and expected more that 15% by the end of 2018. HEKING reached a listing financing financial advisory agreement with Central China Securities in 2016 under the background of unveiling registration system and for the purpose of further promoting the rapid growth. With the agreement, HEKING identifies the strategic planning for the capital to be operated on higher platform, proposes two capital market directions, i.e., Growth Enterprise Market (GEM) and Hong Kong main board. The higher capital platform enables all shareholders to share HEKING development dividend. HEKING signed listing sponsorship agreement with CEFC Shanghai Securities in July 2017, in which, the latter is determined to be guidance sponsor broker for listing of HEKING in GEM. In the same month, HEKING was filed in China Securities Regulatory Commission for listing and thus HEKING planning of listing in GEM turns into in substantial stage.
  2016 was the beginning year of China’s “13th Five-Year Plan”. Increasing green index and accelerating ecological restoration has become a consensus of scientific development. Relevant data shows that investment into eco-environmental protection will rise to RMB six to ten trillion during “13th Five-Year Plan” period according to the outline of “13th Five-Year Plan of National Environmental Protection. Among the investment, two to three trillion will be used for wastewater rand sludge treatment, proving significant market demand space. With increasingly market share and technological support, HEKING will become the biggest beneficiary in national ecological restoration market and the growth is quite promising.
  Building ecological civilization and promoting ecological restoration and sustainable development are the important plans concerning human well-being, the future of the nation and the long-term development of the country. Adhering to the corporate mission of “waking up restoration awareness, passing on life passion and protecting wetland environment”, HEKING sincerely looks forward to cooperation with those with noble ideals, devoting our wisdom and sweat to building of country's ecological civilization and leaving behind us a beautiful homeland with blue sky, green land and clean water for future generations.