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  Established in May 2011, HEKING (Stock Code 830856) is, in the medium and small-sized enterprise share transfer system, the first listed company focusing on wetland ecological restoration and providing intelligent integrated solutions and is also one of a few of domestic enterprises holding core technology of wetland ecological restoration. With core business of integrated wetland ecological restoration and relying on experts think-tank team and those institutions of higher education like Tsinghua University, HEKING has ensured continuity and leading position of the core technology. HEKING business covers two major areas, namely, water ecological restoration and soil ecological restoration. HEKING customers include provincial and urban water resources and environmental protection authorities, large enterprises and groups and precisely targeted customers.


  HEKING is honored a "national high-tech enterprise", "Independent Innovation Brand Enterprise in Anhui" and "Hefei City Wetland Engineering Technology Research Center". The main products of HEKING passed the tests by the National Quality Testing Center and national model-test certified and CE certified. HEKING’s products and technology are exported to Canada, Singapore, Russia, Nigeria, the UK and Indonesia.
  With the increasing demands for environmental protection and ecological management worldwide, HEKING is facing unprecedented development opportunities. With "green strategy" development planning, leading core technology, accurate capital strategy, superior policy environment, broad market demand and efficient team, HEKING will produce greater socio-economic benefits in near future, grow into a full chain wetland ecological restoration solution provider respected in the sector, and promote constantly China’s wetland ecological restoration industry to new peak.